• Spring forward…Spruce up…Style with flare!
    Get a fresh and fabulous new look in one or all the rooms of your
    home with the help of furnishings and home accessories from
    Design Repeats.

    Welcome to Design Repeats’ interior design and staging blog.
    I’m Shelley, Design Repeats’ in-house blogger. Once a month I will
    blog on what is going on in the interior design world for 2017, to
    help our customers create beautiful rooms in their homes.

    This month, it is all about Gold and Bronze accessories. Yes dear
    readers, the shiny and warm gold and bronze metals are back.
    Here at Design Repeats we are showing these metal tones with
    accent pieces, end tables, lamp bases, frames mirrors, wall
    sculptures, candlestick holders, throw pillows, and much more.
    Just a touch of these warm golden tones will give new life to a
    cold room. ...